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A glance.

Posted on 2007.01.17 at 00:16
Outside my door there are seeds scattered on the uneven sidewalk from the smashing my daughter gave a pumpkin she won at school.
A giant icicle caused by condensation dripping from my bedroom window touches the ground. I think it could pierce flesh, if someone tried.
The bricks are colored yellow and white with the chalk my daughter used last summer.
I hear a tink tink tink sound as the wind blows the ropes and rigs of an empty flag pole across the way. That reminds me of mornings waiting for the doors of my elementary to open, and afternoons spent alone on the deserted playground.
The rain gutter that runs down the side of my building is spouting a block of ice, which I stubbed my toe on trying to kick loose.
I hear my upstairs neighbor ranting in a high pitched voice again. Is he crying? Is he on the phone? Is he crazy? I can't tell, he never shows me more than a nod.
I am caught off guard by a sneeze in close proximity. I hear it again and realize it's a stray cat prowling around my neighbor's porch in an attempt to tease his indoor cats.
Then a low groan slowly approaches. It is the DART maintenance car creeping down the tracks like a ghost train. It is followed by the steely clank of what sounds like hammers. There is one man on the back illuminated by a single yellow light who is staring into the darkness, feeling alone?


_mike_y_ at 2007-01-17 10:33 (UTC) (Link)
YAy! Athea's back! I remember you.

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