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Posted on 2007.05.23 at 18:40
Driving down the road near the Belmont hotel in Dallas, on the way back
from the impound lot, I watched the hookers stroll. One was a bony
white girl in baggy acid washed jeans, face hidden in her long bleached hair.
She must have sisters everywhere.

It seems that the only people who wear acid washed jeans anymore are
homeless or hookers. Who would have thought something that used to be a
Generation X status symbol would now be a societal hand-me down.
I guess it isn't anything new.

One pair of hookers actually caught my eye as interesting.
There was a lady with her skin rolling out of her clothes like waves of
browned butter. All the plump curves coming off her arms and around her
knees could have been more intimate places by the looks of them.
She seemed an amorphous blob of sex.

Her co-walker was a slim woman with large white teeth and her head thrown
back. I thought her ass was fake at first. She had a small waist, but
from there sprouted two giant round cheeks, like a cherry on a stem.
She swayed it slowly, almost turning her hips out as she walked, but she
had a limp too. The kind that seems to have a story.

I drove down the road, past the hookers, past the deserted looking
cash car lots and parked to look at my map. I had been in
circles around Dallas all morning and I really wasn't interested in
passing my turns anymore.

As I was sitting there, I glanced up to see the cherry bottom hooker
laughing wildly as she flashed past in a white van.
About 5 minutes later she was walking back up the street to rejoin her
friend. As she passed in front of my car she called out to the smiling
construction men across the street to "Take a picture! It'll last longer!".
I guess they get hand-me down come-backs too.

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