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Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!

Posted on 2007.04.08 at 21:04
So we all know how the story goes..
God sent his only begotten pet, Bunny, to teach us something or other.
Only something went horribly wrong..
See, Bunny had free will.. and

It didn't work out too well..
Enough said.

Since the New Testament wasn't written yet, we were still dealing with vengeful Old Testament god..
(no running to daddy for help!)
So when the jews found out Bunny was porking their chickens..
They said "ENOUGH!".
They raided chicken's place, gathered the Bunny's brood, boiled them, colored them mockingly, and sent the children to hunt for and EAT them!
Then they nailed him up and called it Easter.

tsk tsk.. Gruesome, huh Doc?

So here we are present day.. to remind ourselves of the lesson of Bunny. We mark his death by creating effigies out of chocolate, the flavor of sin. Then we devour them mercilessly.
We remind ourselves that chicken loving is bad, boiled eggs taste good, and god is really a rabbit.


So enjoy your Easter Sunday.. eat plenty of


Good night Yolks and Folks!

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